Thailand bicycling tours

Thailand bicycling tours

Sarasin Bridge to Baan Nam Kem - Two Days of Mainly Road Cycling

Starting at the Sarasin Bridge (the bridge to Phuket), you will course your way north through rural farmland, rubber plantations, secondary growth, and past small villages. This route ends at Baan Nam Kem.

bicycling tour routeBaan Nam Kem is just north of the touristy Khao Lak area. You will not ride in touristy areas. The terrain is mostly flat throughout the ride.

This bicycling route is designed for cyclists who don’t particularly like playing in mud and dirt. The route is mostly on roads, though there are some nice stretches of easy dirt track and trails along the way just to break of the road sections. If you absolutely do not want dirt, it can be modified to be entirely on road.

The roads chosen for this particular cycling trip are not busy with traffic. Almost all of them feature nice wide cycling lanes. They are actually motorbike lanes, but they are perfectly suited for mountain bikes as well.

The route can start right on a beach within sight of the Sarasin Bridge. If you start here, you will be on dirt for a short period, and then you will cross the main highway and be on dirt trails in a rubber tree plantation. These trails are flat and smooth. Soon, you will be on a country road. Breaking off of that, you will ride on level dirt roads for a while.

You will eventually end up in a small town called Kok Kloy. This charming small town plenty of places to eat. This is where you will have lunch. As this is a traditional Thai town with no real tourism, you will have the option of trying Thai dishes that you might not try otherwise. If you are not interested in trying new dishes, there are standard Thai dishes available.

From Kok Kloy, you will travel towards the coast and head north up a coastal road. Frequent glimpses of the ocean are available here. This is a nice, quiet section of road.

You will eventually cross the main highway again and head through more rural countryside. There is an optional shady dirt road section here. Linking back up with the road that you previously left, you will proceed on smooth country roads until you reach a wonderful mixture of dirt and gravel roads. This will take you all the way into Thung Maphrao. This is about halfway, so the support vehicle will pick you up and transfer you to Tap Lamu, the village used for boat traffic heading to the Similan Islands. You will spend the night in this small village area. There are plenty of great restaurants. Air conditioned or fan bungalows are available.

Returning to where you stopped on the previous day, you will ride on nice roads until you reach a section that offers a bit of dirt road. Again, this dirt section is not really challenging, but it is very pleasant and shady. There are some mild undulations on this section.

cycling route hotspringReturning to the road that you left, you come to the first real challenge: a substantial hill with switch-backs. This hill is not long, but it’s fairly steep. You can push you bike up the hill if you wish. The reward is a stunning downhill section with sweeping turns that don’t require any braking. If you like going fast, this will delight you.

You come to an intersection and get on a fairly busy road for a short period. This is a bit of up and down, but nothing too serious.

Turning off of this road, you will be on rural country roads all the way into an alluring little town named Kapong. There is a clear creek running through this town. It almost looks like a trout stream. There are some streamside restaurants where you can take a break and have refreshments.

Shortly after Kapong, you will come to a very appealing hot spring creek. This clear little creek has a lot of small hot water springs flowing into it. You can find a temperature that is perfectly suited to you here.

Back on the road, you will head towards Takua Pa. There is a lot of road riding here. These roads are mostly quiet. You cross a river a few times on bridges.

Tsunami MemorialEventually you will come to the home stretch. This last section is on a dirt road. There is a short section that is a bit sandy and may require walking your bike. This follows a pleasant river.

The last bit of road takes you into Baan Nam Kem. You will finish at a memorial to people who lost their lives during the 2004 Tsunami. You are right on the ocean now, within sight of an island and a tidal river mouth.

This is approximately a 120 kilometer (75 miles) route. We have alternative starting points which can make it slightly longer or slightly shorter.

Click here to see a map of the cycling route.

Click here to view a video of the route. Baan Nam Kem to the Hot Spring Creek section of the ride.

Cycling Rides Include:

  • Transfers (hotel or airport pick-up and drop-off)
  • All meals during the trip
  • Accommodations while on the trip (twin sharing)
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Water and water bottles
  • Snacks
  • Insurance
  • Easy mountain biking trip

You should bring:

  • Riding shorts and top
  • Gloves
  • Cycling shoes (clipless pedals if you wish, but you'll need to be able to unclip quickly sometimes)
  • Camelback bags or similar hydration system (optional)
  • Any personal medication

"From the age of four, when I got my first bike, riding was the main focus for me. Almost every day I was on the thing, and I just loved rising. It becomes a part of your body, and all the movements just become one hundred percent natural.
When you get to that point on a mountain bike, then you’re a good rider."
- John Tomac

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