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Southern Thailand mountain bikingThailand multi day tours - Phang Nga Province

Sarasin Bridge to Takuapa

If you've got more time you can have more fun. You can also really get to have a nice taste of the laid-back lifestyle of rural Thailand.

You can join a Phuket mountain biking multi-day trip and journey through rubber plantations, oil palm plantations, through small villages, across rice paddies, up and down hills, along single-tracks and on secondary roads.

As with our day trips, we offer a variety of routes and itineraries from very easy and laid-back to fairly strenuous. This daily distances and overall distance is up to you. There are optional places to stay, so there's no pressure to make certain mileage on any given day. Worst case scenario our support bus will take us to the accommodations.

For those of you who want to really crank out the miles, Phang Nga Province is a delightful destination. There is so much do ride in this big province that you can have basically whatever you want.

There are lots of very good secondary roads, but the back roads often have potholes and broken sections, thus making mountain bikes the most suitable form of bicycle. Due to some steep mountains, some itineraries require some riding on busier roads, but these roads tend to have a nice wide shoulder... mainly for motorbikes, but they're perfect for cyclists too.

If you'd like to really get into the whole scene, we offer either an option of staying in villager's homes or staying in small village temples. You also have the option of being taken to a bungalow. Or, we can offer a combination of any three.

Relax in a hot springOur favorite trip starts just across the Sarasin Bridge (the bridge to Phuket) and courses its way to the town of Takua Pa. Highlights along the way include waterfalls (several), creeks (plenty of 'em), quaint villages, superb little restaurants and a great hot spring. There are some nice patches of old-growth jungle too, though much of the lower land has been converted to rubber trees and oil palms.

This route is approximately 150 kilometers and is very easy to complete in four days. If you're fit, three days is long enough. There are add-ons if you'd like a four-day trip that's longer or if you'd like more than four days.

Take a look at the map of Phang Nga Province to get a feel for the distance. Google Earth is also a very useful place to check out. Use the 'tilting' option to see the hills.

If you're limited for time but still want to do something special, you can participate in a unique two-day mountain biking tour in Phang Nga Province.

Join us on a standard route or ask us to customize a route for you. Mild to wild, Phang Nga Province has it all... and then some.

Thai village templeMountain Biking Multi-day Tours include:

  • Transfers (hotel or airport pick-up and drop-off)
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Water and water bottles
  • Meals while on the tours
  • Snacks
  • Accommodations while on the tour
  • Insurance

You should bring:

  • Sun protection
  • Riding shorts
  • Cycling shoes (clipless pedals if you wish)
  • Camelback bags or similar hydration system (optional)
  • Any personal medication

Prior to the biking trip, you shouldn’t drink too much alcohol. You should make sure you drink plenty of water leading up to your trip, especially if you’re cycling soon after you arrived by air.


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