Thailand cycling tours

Sarasin Bridge to Baan Nam Kem - Cycling Route Map

Thailand cycling route map

One of our multi-day cycling routes starts at a point just across the Sarasin Bridge and goes all the way to the Tsunami Memorial in Baan Nam Kem. This is a small fishing village that was devastated by the 2004 tsunami. A lovely memorial was placed there.

This cycling route is just over 120 kilometers. Depending on your fitness level, this can be a two day or a three-day adventure.

This is primarily a rural road route. It is designed for those who do not particularly like going on single track trails, though there are some very nice dirt roads and dirt sections to help break up the road riding. If you prefer all road, the route can be modified to accommodate you. The dirt sections are not challenging and they take you through some splendid countryside.

The road sections are all on quiet country roads. There is only one substantial hill section. It is not too steep and the downhill on the other side makes it worth the effort.