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What goes up, gets to go down! This is the start of a very long, very smooth downhill ride.

The ride up to this point is fairly gradual and easy. Phang Nga Bay is off in the distance.

The fresh air, the wind in your hair and the feel of speed are all worth the effort to attain the top.

And then there's the Joys of Rainy Season Mountain Biking... We Just Love It!!


rainy season cycling

Ah the simple pleasures of low season (the summer months). The weather is wetter but in many ways more comfortable. Riding through water puddles will bring back memories of your childhood... it does ours.

Thailand mountain biking rainy season

Phang Nga Province offers unlimited dirt track and secondary roads. It's fun just taking off of a secondary road to see what you might find. This track ended at a little village where the locals were playing Takraw, a hacky-sack type game played over a low volleyball net.

rural Thailand MTB

A loop we fondly call the Fruit Loop because of the many fruit orchards, is a road that parallels a creek. The water is the perfect temperature for cooling off.

cross country cycling Thailand

Here's yet another delightful place to cool off. You reach this creek after a full hour of very nice dirt roads and single tracks. After this, you've got a great sweeping downhill ride on a secondary road. You'll get a nice view of Phang Nga Bay from the summit of this trail.

Phuket mountain biking in mud

Team Fossil captain (us old guys) and former British professional racer, Michael Heaton, wondering if he's gonna stop playing in mud.

MTB adventure Thailand

River crossing on day #4 of the coast to coast route.

Phuket MTB guide

Self-photo of Dave at a river crossing in Phang Nga Province. This is on a beautiful secondary road that courses its way through many small villages. A lot of the road is in the shade too.

small group cycling trips Thailand

On the way down from the "100 Curve Road"

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